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It all starts here…

The HerStory Cinephilia Society is a safe haven for filmmakers and cinephiles. Film festivals have long been held as a refuge for a classic form of cinephilia. The festival primarily supports filmmakers who happen to be women. Yet we abhor discrimination of any kind. Therefore, if the director happens to be male, two of the following key roles must be held by a woman: Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Producer, Production Designer or Editor and the project must be in support of women. 

As emergent digital technologies plot new lines of connectivity and establish new modes of participation and viewer behaviour, expectations surrounding audience interaction and event experiences are shifting.

Join the Society and balance your cinephile identity against the impulse to engage with technological change. Submit your project for the opportunity to share space with fellow cinephiles in a jamb packed weekend in Music City USA (Nashville, TN). 

The festival will present a mix of films - shorts and features, documentaries and narrative - created a mix of women - national and international from all walks of life but all presented from her point of view. Come for the films and stop into a master class or panel discussion on hot topics in the industry.

At the Academy Awards and Golden Globes ceremonies held every year, filmmakers who happen to be women gain recognition yet continue to be underrepresented. Are the skills needed to make a major film truly restricted to the male majority? 

Claim your voice. 

Celebrate self-expression. 

Empowering past, present and future generations of artists currently underrepresented in front of and behind the camera, HerStory Cinephilia Society, will present arts and entertainment created from a woman’s point of view during film screenings on November 17 - 18, 2018 in Music City USA, Nashville, TN. 

All films submitted will be considered for the year round monthly film screenings which will begin right after the festival in December 2018 in Nashville, TN. 

Artistic innovation and experimentation welcome.

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